A bit of 17 years of Scratch show and other bits in Shorebitch

bit of a waste methinks
made me chuckle

masking tape anyone?

The highlight of the evening....Tas Firin. 160 Bethnal Green Rd, E2 6DG


It's not like they need anymore publicity and I know it's for the kids and all that guff, but this Coldplay 'Graffiti' which was used for some shite album artwork is on display/sale in Camden at Proud Galleries..
Proud? they should be hanging themselves in shame.

I feel ill

Red Letter Media talks about Prometheus - SPOILERS

Dear Satan, errm I mean Santa...

For Crimbo please may I have the following...



£624.99 (Three Nights Dracula's Castles Adventure in Romania)



Sick's stocking filler £149.99