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Stair stencils.

Stenciling stairs in a phat house in Queen's Park. Back-breaking work. Nuff masking tapeness :-( looking alrite though...

RIP kab32

If anyone has any photos of Steff Vee aka Kab32 can they please post them. There are a couple he posted on here we need to dig out. In the meantime we are devestated that he is gone, and we wish much love to his friends and family. Anyone who knew Steff will know what a massive character he was, helping the homeless with his charity "Love For The Streets. He drove around central london handing out hoodies and sleeping bags having begged borrowed and stolen them himself. Last trip was to Portsmouth to the bloody Navy where they donated their army issue gear to him, which he then doled out. He also had regular Wicked DJ slots all over London, Promised Land at Egg on the regs and various pirate stations. We are devestated to lose him. Tish and I will let you now when his funeral is if you were his mate. RIP Steff.