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I know all the heads from my generation and before have seen this, but thought it was worth sharing for the youngers as its one of my all time favourites. An out of towner too. RIP more.

Monday Morning Runners

Credit goes to corps OTB TK for catching these

A bit more Men's fashion

the tortured soul look
how low can you go

Start saving your £... Coming soon - DIET originals

Whitechapel-ish wank

abandoned love balloons in Aldgate East Station the day after Valentine's :-)
nice letters... shame about the sandwich
what is that lump? horse meat? it looks like a turd
I walked past this dude on display at the Criminal Damage clothing wholesalers on Whitechapel Road everyday and laughed at his tight hipster strides. Only when I took a photo did I realise he has completely different legs. Nice advertising CD!
It's vandAlism you mindless cunt