fume print @ Chrome and Black

Fume DDS - The bain of the London Underground and British transport police for over 15 years. This is the first official print from Fume, one of the Kings of the London graffiti scene but in particular the London Underground system...which he is known for having destroyed many times over.

Printed on A3 Curious 350gsm paper, hand pulled, High Gloss Black ink, signed and numbered and embossed with the Chrome and Black stamp of quality....This will not go to re-print...this is it! One of one hundred! £25 + £4.50 PP

New t shirt I worked on for LDZ. Get them here

'Ain't That Peculiar' Oddisee Remix

Dear ozek @ hurtyoubad

I know you live in the countryside and don't get the chance to get london flicks, so by all means save and repost flicks  from here but show some respect and give credit where its due please