Part one of a series of clips about writing a name in Bangkok.
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London X Bangkok
Love Bangkok

Bangkok Soi Dogs from LBLOGGED on Vimeo.

Art fag-tastic

So here at LB we endure all manner of strange experiences, so u don't have to. This weekend in the name of reportage and free passes we were lowering the tone down at the Saatchi gallery Strarta art fair. Which, to be honest has some cool bits, but don't tell me that whatever art piece costs £HOWMUCH?
I felt quite sick. Anyway here are the high/lowlights, with a primate theme.. u ready?

Properly horrid, yours for 3grand

3D drips. Looks loooong to make..

that's some fragile shit, wanted to punch it.

If only I'd known to save all those champagne bottle wire bits, I could have made this atrocity...

This was most disturbing, he's hairy....

properly hairy

That woman's face on the left says it all really.
Like these. Swear downton this was the only thing I saw red-stickered. 7grand. 

This photo is priceless. Look at his boat, totes artfagz. 


Hello darling

off fucking key

could they have made this look any cheaper?

May the fork be with you. 

Looking for a Halloween costume?

Trojan Horse. 150 grand please.