Guess that heralds the end of Trelick. Maybe if people had done bigger pieces...

Policy CA 3 Land Adjacent to Trellick Tower
Allocation for Land Adjacent to Trellick Tower
The Council will require development on the site to deliver, in terms of:-
Land use alloc
a. a minimum of 60 residential units to fund regeneration;
b. improvements to social and community facilities and housing;
c. the restoration of the Grade II* listed Trellick Tower; Infrastructure and Planning Obligations:
d. additional social and community uses, including health provision to be included as part of any redevelopment;
e. other contributions may be required, as identified in the Planning Obligations and the Site Specific Supplementary Planning Documents.
It would be possible to establish a trust fund to ensure that the profits from redevelopment are reinvested in the restoration of Trellick Tower and/or other social, community and regeneration benefits.