It's not like they need anymore publicity and I know it's for the kids and all that guff, but this Coldplay 'Graffiti' which was used for some shite album artwork is on display/sale in Camden at Proud Galleries..
Proud? they should be hanging themselves in shame.

I feel ill

Red Letter Media talks about Prometheus - SPOILERS

Dear Satan, errm I mean Santa...

For Crimbo please may I have the following...



£624.99 (Three Nights Dracula's Castles Adventure in Romania)



Sick's stocking filler £149.99

Some more from that devil Diet

Mickey Mouse Graffiti

From Disneyland Paris - pencil case and note book. This could have been quite good if it weren't so shit. If only they'd employed a writer to do it rather than some wannabe toy in their art department.
at least the character is good

Lately I am mostly eating..

These Walkers crisps shit on McCoy's trust me
and this is just mental

Clients from Hell

If you're a 'creative' of sorts you'll know how idiotic clients can be. This website has kept me amused for hours on end with designers recounting their stupid comments and feedback from clients. The classic being how many clients take the 'free' in freelancer literally. Mostly yanks of course.

And some people have taken the time to illustrate said stupid comments.

My own personal fave was when I had to make an image nicking using images off the web of Amy Winehouse. Client insisted I used one particular image of her cos it was the only one where she looked 'clean and presentable' ... the image was of her waxwork, despite me pointing this out, the client was insistent.

Chicken Cottage Award Ceremony 2012P Part 1