Die Hipster Scum

British Home Stores has started stocking a range entitled “Dalston Original”. What a cunt.
I grew up near Dalston (not right in Dalston, no I was up the road in Islington thank you). Dalston was a shit hole then and still is a shithole now.

Please god let this kill off the hipsters.

If this is your thing, please contribute..

Things to do before u die. Number 1: Write on a wall.

and apologise for it.



Located near the regional center of Rivne, Ukraine, is a small town called Klevan. As of 2001, its population was 7,470. One of Klevan’s main attractions is an overgrown section of railway that visitors can walk across known as the Tunnel of Love or Green Mile Tunnel .
The railroad track is approximately 7km from the city center and stretches about 3km (1.86 miles). The private railway is used to transport wood to a nearby fibreboard factory so a train does run on these tracks up to three times daily