Now that's what I'm talking about

In California. Of course. Why oh why is puff still illegal in this country?
Alas this shit ain't available online.


It's Monday night, you're bored, you need some stuff to amuse you...

you're coming down, these heady summer weekends are taking their toll and Monday night mong is on.

Not graffiti related but here are some interesting bits from the web that may amuse...

Ffffound! -Art, design, photography.
Yeah, it can be a tad wanky but it never fails to deliver some interesting and random imagery and shit...

Then there is Bibliodyssey; scans of Old Books. Well Proper Ye Olde shit. Illuminations, Maps, Nature,Typography. It's a bit of a trawl, but there are some gems if you can be bothered to be bothered, and u like old shit...

Twistedsifter; Photography, Nature stuff, Architecture, mad imagery, crazy sculptures and, well, just mad stuff! Good for when zooted....

For jokes youtubes tunes - these may be old but they NEVER GET OLD, you get me:


Shadrack & Abendigo - On Dis Ting

if you've ever had your card declined...

Caramel - Card Declined- KG & Marston  

The Rubberbandits - Black Man

The Rubberbandits - Spastic Hawk


The Rubberbandits Guide to Head Shops 

And the classic.. serious 

Lips 2 Da Floor

Illustrations by veteran Playboy Magazine Cartoonist Doug Sneyd.

 and if you don't like none of that, here's a crusty old shopping trolley.

Staying classy