Ready for Battle.

Chrome & Black's Battle of Waterloo was an excellent event as usual. And as usual my reportage skills were low; too consumed with drinking/chatting/getting high, combined with not being arsed to fuck about with the settings on my camera to even be able to take a decent picture in that tunnel and going to the pub, I mostly snapped passing legs, people bending over and randoms to amuse myself. But hey, there are a million other flicks of the actual graffiti on Fickr and Insta. Mine will make you like feel you were there. Combined here with a few views from a boat trip on the Thames, the best way to see the city.

Wicked tunes.

These two.

Are u taking a picture of me?

Do you recognise your shoes?
This lady's face says it all. 

This guy.
AAaah the wonder of it all.

How I felt.

Shit photo, but yes this is a working mobile phone. 

Hipster alert.

Happy Birthday Mean.
The WINNER!!  Big up Slam. Big up Chrome and Black.


We all probably know about the Rime v Moschino legal case going on, but on a smaller scale the latest piss takers are these chiefs . Some say if you do a piece and stick it on the net you're asking for it and should get over it, others think its outright (albeit legal) thievery and something should be done. So heres a petition if you fall into the latter camp.