Answers to the name 'RIZZLAH'

Around Roundwood Park? keep ya eye out for Rizzlah..... Just noticed how many staples are in this mo fo. And there were loads of posters about. Rizzlah is deeply missed it seems.

Men's Fashion

This has had me pissing myself hard. I can't believe good money goes into the production and showing of these fashion collections, but the fact that they expect people to wear this shite is even more hilarious.
Gentlemen, I give you a selection of Menswear for 2013.
this is nothing
yes bruv
fam, those gloves
now ya talking
oh lads
words fail me, I mean it's men's wear, not that it would make it any better if it was women's wear. Look at that scarf. It's like a humungous weave.
he's working this look, pure blue steel. I wonder how much they get paid to bus' this kak
Not enough I'm sure


Fresh poster from London Transport Museum website.
That black and white logo with the tracks coming out the London letters is fucking baaaaddd.

Better pic

Cheers to grafflondon for the flick.

London Book Review (books I got for Xmas)

Amazing and Extraordinary London Underground Facts. Stephen Halliday.
Quite technical in its choice of facts and there's lots about the people who actually built LU and the financing of its construction. Extra apt as 2013 celebrates 150 years of the tube; the oldest underground system in the world bitches!
The Secret History of Our Streets: London.
Haven't finished this yet but I did see the the TV series that it accompanies it. Concentrates on six main streets in London and examines their history.

I Never Knew That About London. Christopher Winn.
Excellent book but it is quite full ye olde kinda facts. Deals in central London mostly. Not much tube stuff, if any.

George Bradshaw's Illustrated Hand Book to London and its environs.
For super London History geeks. London described as it was in 1862. A very very detailed guide book, and considering so much that is described in it has changed or gone entirely it just makes it madder. Fascinating description of the original Crystal Palace.
What's in a Name? Cyril M Harris.
In list form this small book details the origins of all the London Underground station names. Another fascinating fact read.
On the 9th of January 2013 raise your chalice to the oldest underground system in the world. 150 years of London Underground.

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