Get me, phat beats, you get me though, ras

My favourite animation. It's old but the link stopped working a while ago and I've been looking for this for a year. It was on youtube all along, I just didn't know what it was called. Ras, you get me.

Eastenders burner running!

This ker-racked me up. The cardboard fictional District line Eastenders train carriage had a piece on it this evening. Maybe it was Max and Jack Branning - self-confessed old skool train vandalz.
The best thing about this piece is it seems it extends to the end of the carriage. Class Enders, class.... Always keeping it real.

Keith Richards. Canada.


I'm very much liking the artistic styles of NOMADICALTERNATIVES productions - 'Nelson "Dedos" Garcia and his wife Xochitl.... together they aspire to create an abundance of great things and travel the world with their 3 children, dog and a cat'.
Good on 'em I say.

Links to more of their work Here and Here