The Greatest City on Earth

With the threat of the Olympic London 2012 debacle looming over us (shit, will Locog sue me for writing 'London 2012'? probly, wankerz), London is getting buffed and spruced up, and is looking all 'arty'. It is nonetheless looking heart-breakingly devoid of decent Graffiti.
Still, in the meantime there is no denying there a lot to see and do in the metropolis at the moment.
I recommend a trip down the South Bank this summer...on hallucinogenic drugs.

art faggery and everyting! low' the skull.

Yuk... Tree's good tho'

a rainbow beach man

Sieves. no, really those green things there are sieves.

Well, at least after all the sporting shenanigans are said and done I hope I never have to see that ugly logo again. I also hope that TFL will have spunked all their budget on browning-out tracksides and sticking up gay signage, so they will have run out of money to buff and people can start 'decorating' London again.