Spoe. Favourite interview i did for Plastic Bones

best beat down youve seen?

Was on the train with kort and bozo. The guy got on at drayton green going towards greenford. This guy had beef with Kort for years but this guy didnt know who kort was cos he had his baseball cap on. The guy looks up to kort and goes 'have you got a light mate?' And I see kort look up and he's just shaking with rage, he looks up and goes 'you dont remember me mate do ya?' The geeza looks confused and goes 'nah mate dont know who you are' Kort goes 'im Terry' and takes his cap off. This other geeza is an indian boy but all the colour just drains from his face, he turned white, everything changed, the whole atmosphere just got really thick and then Kort just stands up and I swear to god, this was at Drayton Green and the stop to greenford is a good five minutes, theres security on the train, 2 geeza's but Kort is helicopter punching the guy, and im not joking but he didnt stop all the way, you know those old school blue red and white tommy hillfigure
jackets? he got so battered when Kort stopped you couldnt see the blue and white it was just red. The security guards were yelling at me so stop the fight but i was saying fuck that you stop it, I aint goin nowhere near him, the train pulls up at the station, kort gets off him and he's just slumped in a heap, he hadnt moved the whole time, there were even shards of tooth stuck to his jacket.

Ever been bitten by a dog?

Yeah i have, at Hanwell, was walking through these flats theres a little alleyway leading onto the street and I'm walking down it and i see this mangey little mutt, it looked like quite a sweet dog, looked like the littlest hobo, at that time i was old enough to be a horrible cunt but i was nice most of the time and i dont even know what made me do it but i start calling it, going 'come here boy' and I had these brand new adidas tracksuit bottoms on, they were about £45 not the £30 ones, and the dog comes up to me and no word of a lie ive got a scar on the back of my leg where it yammed me, it made ME run up the road. Horrible fuckin thing.

Longest time youve hidden in a bush?

Ive spent hours in greenford acton perivale just to do jump downs. Probably the most at ealing common though.

Longest time youve waited about in a yard for someone else to finish a piece?

Key! Me Bozo Key lak ban and PA, were in there me and bozo just doing dubs. I was finishing filling and looked about and see btp about 20 feet away running towards me. I pooped my pants, turned round and shouted 'rozers!' and dust to the fence where i cut the hole. I pinged back the fence and held it there, key goes through then Pa34, then I climb through and let the fence back gently, everyone else is running towards me, I turn round and bounce up the track to where we got on. All I knew was key was with me and he's quite fast and i werent fuckin about i knew those tracks like the back of my hand. So i duss onto the street, me key PA and Ban got out, at this point i can here sirens everywhere coming down the roads for us. We get to the car, me, Key PA and Ban. We all got in and started the motor and start wondering where frez is, and we see him running up the road behind us, he sees us in the car but must have been knackered cos he starts walking like
its all safe, and as im looking at him through the window i could see the old bill through the window, sirens on and theyre driving up behind him, im saying to key we need to go so we start driving, but stopping to let frez catch up but at the same time the police are trying to catch up with frez, we were all stopping and starting, it was a fucking joke, in the end we just had to drive off and leave him there and he got bagged.

Favourite graff moment?

I aint gonna lie, and its gonna sound gay but winning Waterloo. I didnt think we were gonna win, I really didnt, to me its the first time ive been propper recognised, ive never really had any graff fame people know who i am and have seen my tags but it meant a lot to me that.

Ever seen someone shit in public?

Yes! A brass at carnival, there was nuff people with me too who can vouch for this. t was a bird, a brass at carnival, must have been 2002 cos i was in jail for the other ones, this bird was standing there legs akimbo, skirt just hitched up enough for her shit to fall out, she had her knickers in her hand and she's shitting, full blown having a propper shit, it was soft shit, they were stools, but when they hit the floor they were soft, im not joking it was that dogshit kind of brown envelope colour sort of a mustardy colour like when a dogs had a mustard shit, it was a mustard shit, she shat out a load of mustard, skirt up knickers in her hand having a pony right in a busy street. About then of us walked passed her and the killer thing is, dunno why no one got a photo of it but about an hour after that we see her sucking someones cock

Favourite item of clothing thats been retird early due to graff?

Oh yeah. This is gonna make me sound like a dick by Calvin Klein was the bollocks back in the day. I had a pair of £90 Calvin Klein jeans and I was with Bozo standing at the top of a grass bank and he was at the bottom of the bank, we used to do things as a team, like a military operation, so he throws me the tin of paint, a tin of silver and it hits a stone and starts spinning and spraying silver everywhere but im trapped against the wall with it spinning in circles right in front of me covering me in silver up my new jeans. I felt wounded. They were fucking well nice jeans