little mix

Whoever got the commission today painting the backdrop for a video for these people. Id like you to know you're working for some unscrupulous individuals who shafted us at the last minute. Having said that I usually feel slightly pained and immediately depressed when approached about a graffiti commission.  I know i may or may not be passed about by a bunch of disrespectful self important Ruperts or Rupettes, who think they know more about graffiti than I do. I probably wont get updates regarding times or locations as basically in the production hierarchy im a smear of shit on the sole of their new converse, converse they can afford as mummy and daddy are bank rolling them from their mansion in the countryside while they get their foot in the door of the now most classist industry in the history of industries.  Then the lead Rupert will treat me like his or her bitch and expect me to thank him or her for the opportunity. That or some toys with a website will get the job instead.