Banksy on the Left. @artbydom on the right

'Dom creates sassy, provocative imagery that connects with everyone on different levels, a fundamental pillar of urban art; his art is often comprised of repeated stencil patterns using a pastel palette contrasted with bold black interspersed with bursts of flavoursome colour. Experimentation with printmaking, stencilling, spray-painting, collage and acrylics help him to capture his muse of everyday life. 

Dom’s paintings merge concepts laced with reminiscent connotations of wayward teenage-hood, with noetic motifs which more often than not boast satire. '

This is from Dom Pattinson's bio, written with the usual self restraint and humility found in street art circles. Seems that he's just as at ease shamelessly ripping off Banksy for a buck as he is emulsioning over part of a pieced up wall.